Sunastar - WTF is all this?

This area is chock full of goodies that just wouldn't fit anywhere else, including odd photos, drawings from high school, my poetry and stories, a screenplay I'm working on and the Super Various project. (Okay, so, right now it's just a few vids.)

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The Flying Car
The Flying Car The Flying Car is a short from Kevin Smith who wrote and directed Clerks, Dogma and other irreverent films, starring Jeff Anderson and Brian O'Halloran. He may, in fact, be the greatest filmmaker since Frances Marion*, with actors who rival the greatness of Zasu Pitts and Mary Pickford.

* Put a mustache and beard on her. There is reincarnation!

A Love Song
A Love Song A Love Song written and performed by Stephen Lynch on some show on Comedy Central. It's a touching and humorous look at the depths of love.

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy This is a scene from South Park that I'm dedicating to John Steele, 4D programmer to the stars.

Bush vs Bush
Bush Debate George W. Bush as Govenor of Texas and as President of the United States were apparently of to different minds. Who knew?* Here's a vid of the two debating as shown on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

* Not that he has two minds, but just that he has even one.

Saddam's Snort
Saddam Snort Saddam Hussein, the rumored lover of Satan*, apparently was never told that whenever you're in front of a camera, you should assume it's on.

* See South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut.

A Few More...
Buggy Eyes Here are a few more bits I've either found or recorded.
This vid is just damn creepy! (I wish I could do that.)
Natalie Portman's favorite curse word was captured off of Inside the Actors Studio. I don't know what it is, but dammit she's cute when she says it.
A commercial about the benefits of a high Omega Three diet.
See how chimps learn in Chimp Sniff.
Or what MarsterCard can do in Indecent Proposal.
It's too bad SmartBeep gone, they had some great commercials. BlindDate and Sumo are the only two I have.
This guy's got serious sack! Got Balls?
George Takei never made it in the porn industry. Sulu Porn