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Okay then, you either came here to get more info on the pics you've just looked at or you read magazines from the back.

Some general advice...
Drink lots of water out here. It's really dry. Drier than my humor! Carry more than you think you need. If you hike Zion Narrows, bring a water filtration pump. We used a MSR MiniWorks filter on the Narrows hike and it worked great. Not a spastic colon in sight.

If you hike slot canyons, get a weather forecast. It doesn't take a huge amount of rain to fill a two foot wide canyon and shoot you out the drain end like a chewed up rabbit out a croc's cloaca.

Utah -- There's so much to see and do there. (Except drink, there are some strange alcohol laws there. Can you say "sponsor"?) Check out these links for some sight seeing info.

Zion National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park
Moab Utah Tourist Information
Discover Utah!

Tom's Canyoneering Guide site is a virtual cornucopia of information on slot canyons, narrows, etc.
Slot Canyons of the American Southwest has detailed info and a ton of pictures of slot canyons.
BootsnAll.com has an interesting read called "How to be Stupid in a Slot Canyon and Live to Tell the Tale".
Hiking the Zion Narrows

Equipment (in Springdale--right outside Zion NP):
Zion Adventures is the place to get your water boots, pole, map and advice for hiking Zion Narrows.
Zion Outdoors, sort of a sister company to Zion Adventures, has a veritable plethora of hiking boots as well as a raft of other outdoor geer. They're located right beneath the Pizza & Noodle Co. which explains why the people there are so damn nice and helpful.

Pizza & Noodle Co. is a great place to relax after hiking your feet into the ground. (Aren't they already there?)

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