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What can I say, I love music. I won't bore you with how much I like stuff you've probably heard of, like The Beatles or Pink Floyd, Tool or even Chris Cornell. I'll tell you a bit about some of the music you may not have heard of.

Carolyn Wonderland is a multi-award winning musicianout of Austin who writes and plays rock and blues. She plays that Telecaster of hers like she must've sold her soul to the devil. And her voice will reach right through your ears and grab you by the heart. Her band started out as Carolyn Wonderland and the Imperial Monkeys and probably due to all the monkeys coming and going she dropped the "Monkeys" from the band name. (People come, people go, new paths to follow in every direction.)

If you're a fan of the blues/rock genre you owe it to yourself, your children and your pet catfish "Spinky", to go see her play live. And if you can't do that, go to her website and listen to some MP3s. Until then, take a little listen to a bit of her older stuff.

It Ain't Me Dammit from the album Bursting With Flavor
Fright of the Night from the album Play With Matches
Beer is from an unreleased version of the Alcohol & Salvation
No Really I Can Drive is sung by Chris King, the man with nekkid ladies on his bass guitar on Play With Matches

Dnote is probably the best place in the Denver area to go, chill out, have a drink, eat incredible pizza and listen to live music. Plus, it's a smoke free establishment, not by law, but by choice. Everything from salsa to the blues to big band.

Raised stage, ear kissing sound system, eclectic art on the walls, owners who truely love good music from all directions, a magically delicious staff, ponytail stiffiningly good piza and poetry in the can. What more could you want?

* Warning! Listeners of live music may experience euphoria. Side effects may include drinking, attempting to sing along to songs you think you sort of know and bobbing head movement strangely syncronize to others in the room, except for that one girl who seems to always hear music beat at three times a second. In rare cases men may actually dance. Please call your physician if dancing extends to more than two songs.

I first saw Lewis Keller when he was with Sons of Armageddon playing a theremin like a man possessed by a mad Russian. The band was playing a sort of weird fusion sci-fi jazz that you could just lick right out of the air. Lewis has since headed off to other lands to pursue a formal education in music.

Here are a few mp3s of some of the things he had on his old website. Sadly they are no longer there. Happily, they are available here.

Hello was made from a phone message to a friend of Lewis' named Tim. I'm betting she regrets leaving such a bitchy message.

Monk Meets the Addams Family is nice example of what Son's of Armageddon was doing when we used to go listen to them.
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I heard Leon Redbone on the radio when I lived in Houston in the early '80s and rushed out picked up On the Track on cassette. It was nearly twenty years before I got the chance to get him to sign it. Well, actually, he signed the CD that replaced the worn out tape.

Leon is the last great crooner, singing popular songs from a hundred years ago like Polly Wolly Doodle", "Te Na Na" and My Walking Stick.

Of course he's pretty well known, especially by people who have heard of him. But, now, since you're one of the "them", he may be too well known for this page and disappear without a sound.

And, I know some of you are looking at me and Leon thinking, "Damn, that guy looks a lot like Frank Zappa!" Well, one of the following must be the case:
- Frank is dead and Leon is alive, so Leon and Frank ain't the same guy.
- Frank faked his death so he could slow down and persue a single career.
- You're thinking I look like Frank Zappa, which means that something is putting pressure on your brain and it should be checked right away, unless, of course, it's just your job, in which case it's time for a vacation. Have fun.

I was introduced to Portishead by NPR. Portishead is a trip hop band that has only released two studio albums and one live one. I love this stuff. It's not like anything else I've heard, but that may only be because I haven't looked hard enough. Take a listen and see what you think.

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