Halloween with Ruth and Tom Dillon
Come be a part of Dilloween
Saturday, October 20th 2001
8:00 pm 'till you die!

900 S. Coors Dr.
Lakewood, Colorado

That's the 20th! Not the 27th. It's a week earlier than usual. Mark your calendar.


Far from it for you to assume that you had any idea of what you were getting into. In fact, you had no idea what you thought about the thoughts regarding how you thought about what you thought. As your head explodes as a result of the depth of the previous thought, you remember that you don't have the capacity of thinking deep thoughts, thus returning your head to its normal state. Not wanting to temp fate, you reach for yet another drink. "I must resist the temptation to believe that the depth of my thoughts is related to the depth of air in the bottle from which I drink." Wheels turn... "Crap! That sounded kinda deep. Stop! I need my head. I can't eat without it." You realize with that last thought that your thoughts have returned to a normal shallow state, reflecting the post traumatic injuries of growing up believing "Professional" wrestling was real and "Love is all you need."

As sadness begins to trickle into your heart, pictures of how life "should have been" form in your head only to crumble away like so many potato chips under the unrelenting molars of a hungry drunk, not unlike yourself. "Life just sucks, man!" The depth of your sadness grows even deeper than those fleeting "deep" thoughts you had earlier. As your head drops back down, you yell, "Who am I?! Why am I here?! What is this minty smell?!"

Just when you feel as if you can't sink any further into the abyss that is your sorrow, a deep echoing voice from above seems to be trying to tell you something that you can't quite grasp. The voice seems to know some truth that you can only hope to understand. "Maybe this is the voice of my salvation." An ever so tiny glimmer of hope lifts your heart enough for you to ask, "Are you here to lift me out of my despair?" As the echo of your own voice dies, your head is lifted by a powerful unseen force.

"I said, you're here because you wouldn't stop drinking, you drunken dork!" the voice says right before letting go of your hair.

As your face drops back towards the beautiful minty blue water, your heart lifts just a little knowing that there are still people who care enough to flush.

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