Halloween with Ruth and Tom Dillon
Come be a part of Dilloween
Saturday, October 28th
8:00 pm 'till you die!

900 S. Coors Dr.
Lakewood, Colorado


You feel damn proud that you've done your part for natural selection by killing off those puny, weak and probably useless brain cells, making room for new and smarter ones to take their place. As you lie in bed, you notice that the ceiling fan seems to stand still as the ceiling rotates. You close your eyes tightly in an attempt to reverse their roles. When you open your eyes the fan is now spinning and the ceiling is still. The smile you gained from your Herculean feat of mind over alcohol fades as you notice a growing number of spiders on the ceiling. As you look around the room, you realize that they're everywhere. They're all around you, wanting to trap you in their webs and eat you. The fear builds even though you know that they only eat bugs and worms. "What about those in South America?" you think almost aloud. Pictures of tarantulas carrying off small children fill your head.

Just then, you feel something crawling up your leg. You see what looks like the biggest, hairiest tarantula the world has ever known passing your knees. You bury a scream, fearing that you may startle it, causing it to bite you. You tremble knowing that it will soon be in striking range of what it might see as prey. Just before it reaches that most terrifying point, you slap at it repeatedly, hoping to knock it far enough away for you to escape.

"Geez, honey," a voice comes from what looks a lot more like your wife's face than the spider that was just there. "I try to do something special for your birthday and you slap me in the head!"

As she leaves the room in a huff, you think, "Maybe I killed off some smart brain cells by accident."