Halloween with Ruth and Tom Dillon
Saturday, October 30th
8:00 pm 'till you die!

900 S. Coors Dr.
Lakewood, Colorado
Betty Page

The shrunken heads start to get to you. You didn't think they would. They gotta be fake, right? Just to scare off tourists, you think mouthing the words ever so slightly. "What the hell was that?" you ask no one in particular, since you are, in fact, alone. There it is again, a gurgling rumble mixed with screams, followed by faint, yet sinister laughter. You follow the sounds through the jungle. Your fear is only exceeded by your curiosity as you get closer to the source of the horrible sounds. A horrid odor smacks you in the face. "Oh my dog," you whisper, wishing you had completed your dyslexia therapy, "they must be cooking humans!" As you approach what must be the source of the sounds, you reach for your camera. "I could get a feature in National Geographic with shots of cannibal head-hunters. Or maybe even Jerry Springer." As you peer into the circle of men and women, festooned with eerie ornaments, covered with scary yet alluring makeup, a flame erupts. Startled, you fall back, hoping that you weren't discovered, praying that you can catch this bizarre ritual on film. But, before you can stand back up, a dark figure rushes past you yelling something at the group, spilling what smells like beer on your head. "Hey you guys! Don't be lighting farts in the house! Our insurance doesn't cover that!"

Come, if you dare!
Blood Bar 7