Halloween with Ruth and Tom Dillon
Saturday, October 31
From 8:00 pm
To Well Into November

5218 Slashwood
Spring, Texas

Produced and Directed by: Tom 'Marquee de Lights' Dillon
Ruth 'Georgette de Jungle' Dillon
Gail 'Electro Babe' Klingbeil
Bill 'Mondo Model Man' Klingbeil
Tom 'Foil Fiend' Engle

It's dark. Voices surround you, but you see no faces. Only shadows moving in the darkness. You move, hesitantly, hoping to find your way into the light, away from the shadows. You find nothing but more darkness, more shadows. You feel something brush against you. When you turn, you see nothing. Except the shadows.

What is this place in which I have come to be, only to find darkness and confusion? Why can I not see the faces of those that surround me? Your mind races back, trying to remember how you got here. You have a vague recollection of a map with some cryptic message. The details seem to be just beyond your mind's grasp. A hand touches your shoulder. A pungent, yet familiar scent fills your nostrils. An icy chill races down your spine taking your breath away. You desperately want to turn to look, but the fear of what you might see keeps you frozen.

"Watch where you're going, you idiot!" a voice calls out from behind you. "You backed into my margarita."

I guess it is a little dark in here for sunglasses.