Halloween with Ruth and Tom Dillon
Saturday, October 26th
From 8:00 pm
To Whenever

5218 Slashwood
Spring, Texas
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Produced and Directed by:
Kelly "Eyeball Meister" Dillon
Tom "Staple Meister" Engle
Barbara "Munchie Meister" Lovelace
Tom "Cable Meister" Dillon
Ruth "Bunny Meister" Dillon

You look into the night sky, awed by the vastness of the universe. Can you ever really know what forces mold time and space? Or why some people would put tattoos where no one will ever see them? You stare intently at the stars, wondering if there is someone out there with the same questions. The same hopes. The same fears. Or is there someone there who has the answers? Someone who has unlocked the vault of infinite knowledge. Who knows all the secrets of the universe. Is that what you want? Are you sure you would trade the stimulation of curiosity for the boredom of total knowledge? Would your life have any purpose if you had no more to learn? As you ponder the questions a blinding light shines into your face. Your mind races. Is it THEM? Did they read my thoughts? Have they come down to answer my every question? "Get back in the right lane you idiot! We'll be dead before we get to the party!", a voice screams from the back seat.
...Well, I wonder if they'll have enough beer at the party.