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There are a number of lists of The Greatest Movies. Unfortunately most are either created by aging critics who are severely biased against movies made after the golden age of the forties or the unwashed masses who have never heard of John Barrymore and think Keanu Reeves is "highly underrated". And don't even get me started on who most people think ZaSu Pitts is.

I do, however, agree with some of the movies that make the top of many lists. For instance, I think Citizen Kane may be the best movie ever made. It's an even more amazing movie when you realize that Orson Welles was only 25 when he made it. I mean, c'mon, most 25 year olds think they've done something big by creating a blog. But then again, I'm getting close to being twice that age and I don't even have a blog. All I have is this crappy website.

Anyway, Citizen Kane isn't one of the "Great Movies" that you'll come away saying, "My, that was a fine movie. I'm glad I finally got to see it." If you're old enough to have realized that what you really want in life may not be what you're striving for, then you'll love this movie, even if you are really striving for what you want.

After you watch Citizen Kane, check out RKO 281. It's a docudrama about the making of Citizen Kane. It sheds a lot of light on why the carreer of one of the greatest movie directors was all but crushed. It wasn't until he did those Paul Masson wine commercials and voiceoevers on Magnum PI that he reestablished his greatness.